CCR0 Coil Series

14W or 19W - Continuous duty - ED100%
Robust design with outer metal cage

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External plated metal cage and shims to maximize electromagnetic output. Metal parts protected against oxidation according to RoHS directive.
Bore size: Ø16,0 mm Suitable for HEAVY DUTY operations.

Technical Features
Power: 14W or 19W
DC voltage available
Wire insulation class: H (180°C)
ED 100%
Supply power tolerance: +-10% (DC)     +10%-5% (AC)

Several connector options available
Ambient Temperature range: -40°C, +80°C
Weight: 0.210 kg

Environmental Capabilities
This coil is capable to comply with severe environmental specs, regarding:

1. Internal protection and humidity resistance
2. Capability to stand Corrosion
3. Inorganic and chemical agents resistance
4. Vibration and shock resistance
5. High temperature and electrical duty condition

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