Our Company

Born from the mind of our founders Adamo and  Davide Venturelli, Vis Hydraulics is a young and very dynamic company located in the heart of the Italian Hydraulic district.

32 years after Giovanni Venturelli established – in 1977 – the worldwide known TARP, who in recent years was absorbed within a German multinational corporate, Adamo and Davide decided to start a new business venture as a tribute to the passion and example that their father passed on to them from the day they were born.

Vis Hydraulics aims to become a world class player and a fully qualified supplier for all applications requiring cartridge valve technology.

Founded in early 2009, a time of dramatic global recession for the entire hydraulic industry, Vis Hydraulics has survived and quickly developed thanks to its distinctive marks: design innovation, research, quality commitment, and state of the art manufacturing technology. 

Our customers are located around the globe and have tributed so far an unexpected success to our endeavors: responsiveness, flexibility, qualified support, cost efficiency are the key factors that have determined a clear recognition of the Vis Hydraulics brand. We strive each and every day for continuous improvement in order to meet and possibly exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our young staff is greatly motivated and daily contributes to help Vis Hydraulics continue on what so far has been a successful path.

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