[January 2022] Almost 70000€ for Frignano from the heart of VIS

The 27th of January was a very special day for us, because we know in our hearts that we have done something good for many people in our community.

We have collected and donated almost 70k €, 10k € from our 20% VIS Store revenues and 60k from our associates donations. 

We collected ONG and cause proposals from our collaborators, after that we have launched an internal survey, and pointed out six winners:

1) Frignaut for its social commitment; deals with children suffering from autism disorders or generalized developmental disorders, supporting families.
2) Retirement homes in Pavullo nel Frignano, to give a smile to the elderly, who felt even more alone in this pandemic period.
3) ONG Maria Letizia Verga is an Italian and European excellence for research and the fight against pediatric leukemia. 
4) EasyPulse automatic heart device for the 118 Pavullo hospital.
5) "Crescere Capaci" is a project conceived by the Raimondo Montecuccoli Middle School in Pavullo to give extra help to children with disabilities. 
6)Pollicino Modena ONLUS foundation of the Policlinico di Modena who deals with the care and support of newborns who are born preterm.
We hope that these small gestures can lead more and more people to approach these issues, because only together, even if we start small, can we make a difference and make our community a better place to live, even for those who are facing more troubles.

[January 2022] Almost 70000€ for Frignano from the heart of VIS

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