PCR0.S10 Valve Series

SAE Cartridge - 350 bar
Direct acting check valve - Pilot Piston to open

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Cartridge style, normally closed, single pilot check valve.
Cartridge is closed until sufficient pressure is applied on port 2 to
reach the bias spring setting, lift the poppet and allow free flow to
The valve is normally closed from 1 to 2.
When sufficent pressure is applied on port 3, the pilot piston lifts
the poppet from its seat and allows flow from 1 to 2.
Very limited leakage in the check condition.

Technical Features
All external surfaces are zinc plated and corrosion-proof.
All valve parts are made of high strength steel. Poppet is hardened
and ground to guarantee minimal wear and to extend service life.
Pilot piston is hardened and ground, sealed to prevent leakage.
High durometer, extrusion resistant seals.
Optional bias springs for back-pressure application flexibility.
Industry SAE common cavity.

Performance Details

Technical Data

Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
Maximum flow 60 l/min
Internal leakage 0.10 cc/min max @350 bar
Pilot ratio 3:1
temperature -30°C to 110°C
fluids Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities of 7.4 o 420 cSt
orientation no restrictions
installation torque 40 - 45 Nm
seal kit code SK.048
weight 0.110 kg

NOTE: The performance chart illustrates flow handling capacity for each spring bias option. P/Q curves are recorded at TOil = 40°C and 46 cSt

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