• [January 2022] Almost 70000€ for Frignano from the heart of VIS

    [January 2022] Almost 70000€ for Frignano...

    The 27th of January was a very special day for us, because we know in our hearts that we have done something good for many people in our community.

    We have collected and donated almost 70k €, 10k € from our 20% VIS Store revenues and...

  • [June 2021] VIS introduce

    [June 2021] VIS introduce "VIS NORTH AMERICA"

    We are proud to announce that Vis Hydraulics North America, Inc. was established on June 14, 2021 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Vis Hydraulics is a world class manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valve technology that serves over...

  • New Shareholder Structure

    New Shareholder Structure

    We’re glad to inform that on October 2nd 2020 an agreement has been reached to transfer 100% ownership of VIS Hydraulics in the hands of Adamo Venturelli.


  • VIS Store

    VIS Store

    On August 8th, VIS Store opened its doors. Located in downtown Pavullo VIS Store sells branded sportswear for men, women and kids. 20% of every selling will be...

  • Back to Work! (April 6th)

    Back to Work! (April 6th)

    Back to work, finally

    Dear VIS Community,

    It’s been a pleasurable and relaxed...

  • We’re not working, but we’re not stopping

    We’re not working, but we’re not stopping

    Dear VIS Community, this and the next messages are meant for all of you: employees, customers, suppliers,

    friends, followers and all those somehow linked...

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