• [January 2022] Sponsorship of Malta National Bowls Team

    [January 2022] Sponsorship of Malta National...

    Among the many projects that VIS supports, we liked one in particular for the passion and enthusiasm that its promoters have transmitted to us.
    VIS has been the main partner of the Malta national bowls team since 2021.
    Today the...

  • [December 2021] Sponsorship with Cimone FC

    [December 2021] Sponsorship with Cimone FC

    It's another football team that we have decided to enter into partnership with, the Cimone Football Club!

    This is a project recently born from a group of friends who are passionate about football, bringing together the municipalities of...

  • [December 2021] Sponsorship with Pavullo FC

    [December 2021] Sponsorship with Pavullo FC

    On a beautiful sunny day in December, the Pavullo FCF wanted to thank us for the support for their sport club.
    Proud to be among the Main Sponsors of this excellent and healthy reality in the area, which reaffirms our attachment to Pavullo...

  • [December 2021] MOMA Winter Cup Sponsorship

    [December 2021] MOMA Winter Cup Sponsorship

    The 12th Edition of the Moma Winter Cup was officially held on 29 December at the PalaPanini in MODENA.

    The Anderlini volleyball school triumphed in this important competition in the U14, U17 and U19 categories.
    An excellent goal...

  • [December 2021]  Inauguration of the

    [December 2021] Inauguration of the...

    Today the opening of the "Adapted Ski Center" was inaugurated, built in "Passo del Lupo" by the "Silvia Parente Foundation for Sport"
    and Barbara Milani.

    The project was born from the need to guarantee safety, comfort and fun...

  • [December 2021] Sponsorship with Frignano Volley Project

    [December 2021] Sponsorship with Frignano...

    We're proud to have married the majestic project of Frignano Volley Project, to bring volleyball in Frignano to a next level!
    A partnership with 

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