Welfare Activities

  • [Winter 2020] VIS Ski Cup

    [Winter 2020] VIS Ski Cup

    Second edition of VIS Ski Cup. More than 100 employees with their family attended this day of fun and skiing.

    Final rank race:

    1) Nicolò

    2) Adamo

    3) Giacco

  • [Summer 2019] Team building experiences

    [Summer 2019] Team building experiences

    All of our employees with their departments experienced an entire day of team building adventure. Here some pics

  • [Summer 2019] Bike excursion

    [Summer 2019] Bike excursion

    15 Employees reached the Height "Croce Arcana". It was a sunny and wonderful day.

  • I

    I "VISh" I could fly

    A day on the clouds with some of VIS employees with our Captain, Adamo.

  • A gift to Carlos

    A gift to Carlos

    Most of the VIS employees decided to help one of our coworker: Carlos. They raised enough money to buy him a car as a gift

  • [Winter 2018] VIS Ski Cup

    [Winter 2018] VIS Ski Cup

    First edition of our VIS Ski cup. An entire day of fun and skiing with coworkers and their families

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