SQC1.S08 Valve Series

SAE Cartridge – 250 bar
Direct acting with internal Pilot and Vent


The SQC1.S08 is a screw in, cartridge style, direct acting, spool type
hydraulic sequence valve with internal pilot.
This valve has a spring chamber drain and is designed to direct
oil to a secondary circuit once a predetermined pressure level is
reached in the primary circuit.
In the idle condition, the SQC1.S08 blocks flow at 1, while
connecting ports 2 and 3. Once pressure setting is reached, the
spool shifts and puts in connection ports 1 and 2, while blocking
flow at 3.
Note that the back pressure at port 3 is directly additive to the
spring setting value

Technical features
All External surfaces are zinc plated and corrosion proof.
All valve parts are made of high strength steel. Spool is hardened
and micron finished to guarantee minimal wear and to extend
service life.
Optional spring range up to 135 bar.
Optional plastic tamper proof cap.
Industry common cavity.

Performance Details

Tecnichal Data

Максимальное рабочее давление 250 bar
Максимальный поток 25 l/min
Максимальные внутренние потери 50 cc/min @ nominal pressure setting on port 1
Заводские настройки давления established @10 l/min
Температура -30°C to 110°C
Жидкости Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities of 7.4 to 420 cSt
Ориентация no restrictions
Момент затяжки 45-50 Nm
Масса 0.253 kg

NOTE: The performance chart illustrates flow handling capacity at maximum setting for each spring range option. P/Q curves are recorded at TOil = 40°C and 46 cSt

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