PCV0.S10 Valve Series

SAE Cartridge - 350 bar
Pressure Compensator - Priority on demand



The PCV is a screw-in, cartridge style, priority-on-demand, pressure compensator with a static load sense. The valve delivers required priority flow (0 to max. available) on demand to 4 regardless of 4load pressure; inlet flow is at 3. In idle position, the valve will deliver all input flow at 3 to the priority port 4. Increasing pressure at 4 (applied to the spool against the spring force) will result in an increasing excess flow exit at 2 (by-pass of input flow). Excess flow at 2 can be used for auxiliary functions. Port 1 is the load sense pressure port.Pressure at 1 assists the spring and moves the spool back so priority flow is supplied.

Technical Features

All external surfaces are zinc plated and cor- rosion-proof. All valve parts are made of high strength steel. Spool and cage are hardened andsuper-finished to ensure minimal wear and exten- ded service life. Load sense is static (basing on spring load). Industry SAE common cavity.

Performance Details

Tecnichal Data

Максимальное рабочее давление 350 bar
Максимальный поток 45 l/min
Температура -30°C to 110°C
Жидкости Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities of 7.4 to 420 cSt
Ориентация No restrictions
Момент затяжки 60-70 Nm
Набор уплотнений SK.103
Масса 0,186 kg

NOTE: The performance chart illustrates flow handling capacity 3 to 4 and 3 to 2 and the trace of the priority flow @ different values vs. load pressure.p/Q curves are recorded at TOil = 40°C and 46 cSt

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